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Waywest Lighting and Camera

WHAT FUN! President's Message - February 2017

Panel of Experts Feb 2017Our February 1 meeting (really a belated January meeting) was held in front of a police station next to an airliner fuselage. One of our cameras was set up in front of the cockpit of a 727.  Hospital rooms could be found next to the police station and the bathrooms were next to the morgue.  All these sets emerged from the imagination of our host, Roland Canamar.  Roland calls his studio the “Silver Dream Factory.”  What fun!  As the guests walk through this maze of sets their imaginations filled with ideas for their next movie.

(Photo: Larry Stimson (L) Prepares for the Panel discussion with (left to right) Gaffer Craig Burns, DP Roland Canamar and Sound Engineeer Rudy Garcia.)

Larry Stimson introduces Joe Nagle R for his FRED TalkJoe Nagel began our meeting with our new FRED Talk featurette. This is a 9 minute talk where SoCal Media Pros members get to share some tidbits about their specialty.  In Joe’s case, it was about the “Beer - Voice Over” connection.

(Photo Left: Larry Introduces Joe for his FRED TALK with Roland in the middle(

We then dove into interviews with cinematographer Roland Canamar, lighting engineer Craig “Burnie the Gaffer” Burns and sound engineer Rudy Garcia.  All three panelists stressed the importance of being on-set and making connections in order to advance their careers. There was great banter between these three professionals and the audience got plenty of laughs between some wonderful behind the scenes stories — as well as lots of practical information about working on set to "Make A Script Come Alive..." 

(Photo Right: Sound Engineer Rudy Garcia answeres a question)Rudy Gaarcia SOund Engineer

Our meeting concluded with Brian Page giving us a preview of our next 2 meetings,

“Audio Software Shootout” and “Make Your Script Come Alive!” – part 2.

I look forward to seeing you at our next meeting.

-- Larry Stimson, President
SoCal Media Pros

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